Focus Areas

Protecting the Tribe

Kwe Law Firm is a specialized firm in that it is tailored to the needs of the Tribal community with an emphasis on tribal real estate and business growth. The main focus areas include, housing, real estate, policy, Indian land disputes, and business law in general.

Shauna Coons, the owner, has worked in these areas for the last ten years, both at a boutique Indian law firm, as well as at a midsized firm where she specialized in Indian law and real estate practice groups. Shauna further developed her expertise in these areas while working in-house providing direct legal service to a tribe and while serving as the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe as a Deputy Solicitor General.

Additionally, Shauna has worked in the judicial branch of government. She served as a Judicial Clerk to the Hon. Robert Blaeser in Minnesota’s Fourth Judicial District at the Hennepin County Government Center.

The unique set of skills that Shauna developed throughout her career are what have made her an expert at navigating tricky real estate transactions, and complicated tribal and state/federal laws. When dealing with the complex issues that arise with Indian law, it is crucial that your attorney have in-depth knowledge and experience in these areas. We bring a mix of federal, local, and tribal experience to the table, a winning combination.

Practice Areas


Whether you need someone to negotiate and draft purchase agreements, or someone to fight for your land rights, you will be well taken care of with Kwe Law Firm.


Everyone deserves a place to call home. That is why Kwe Law Firm litigates and negotiates housing policies, procedures, and construction contracts, to positively impact the tribe and its members.


Government and tribal relations are a necessary aspect of tribal growth. Kwe Law Firm expertly consults and negotiates with various governmental entities to restore Indian land that rightfully belongs to the tribe.


Kwe Law Firm has expertise in the enforcement and interpretation of tribal laws and policies, as well as government laws and policies. Kwe Law firm will work to ensure that policies are fair, and that all voices are heard.


Tribal business entities are quintessential to the success and sustained growth of the community. Kwe Law Firm works with a wide variety of businesses to negotiate, draft, and advise critical business agreements and documents.


Learn more about our foundation and how we support our clients in a way that aligns with the seven core Ojibwe values, while also working to strengthen the community.